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Founded in January 2011, Expand Socially was created to assist organizations and individuals in growing their online success and presence. Expand Socially guides individuals and companies through traditional marketing and social networking methods to help them succeed in today's business climate.


Expand Socially is known for building creative change while assisting in the growth of organizations they serve and the success their client's achieve. As experts in Social Media Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, they demonstrate innovative ways to use these and other social media tools to "be the best" in the industry. Our training programs teach recruiters, marketing departments and human resource professionals how to use social media channels to build their brand further.


About Our Services


We offer a wide variety of solutions that can meet your needs in sales, marketing, recruiting, and training. Check out more on our services page.

Who is Holly?

Holly Solomon, Founder of Expand Socially has over 15 years of experience working in the business community in both sales and marketing roles. Holly has been a well-respected leader in Ohio's communities as a change agent. Holly assisted the founders of IT Martini, a local networking group in Ohio, to help take the organization to the next level. She managed business development activities in gaining sponsors for their IT centric networking events and assisted them in growing the operation to new cities.


Holly brings great knowledge and experience to her clients. She has worked with businesses to start, redefine, train or manage their social media initiatives. Holly also enjoys speaking on various recruiting and social media topics. A few of the organizations have included COPEC (Central Ohio Professional Education Council), Ohio Staffing & Search Association, Tech Serve Alliance Ohio, Dublin Entreneurial Center, Jewish Family Career Services, Association of Technology Professionals.



Holly Solomon has a Bachelors of Science degree from San Diego State University and used to be a resident of California and Colorado before venturing to Ohio.


If you have met Holly, you might say she has creative ideas you never thought about before. You also would know she is a driven, committed person who won't give up in proving her value. You may find her driving around town promoting her business with her unique license plate and business advertisement all over her car! 


Today Holly is working full time for Alliance Data as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and in her spare time she continues to share her passion on recruiting and social media with others.

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