June 1, 2015

What do you do when you have an area of expertise you want to share but you aren’t sure how to share it? In our digital media age, social media is developing as a pivotal platform for the exchange of information. If you want to share your knowledge, here are five ways you can start using social media today:


  1. Showcase Your Events:

Are you going to a variety of events surrounding your specialty? Posting updates on major social media tools lets others know where they can personally connect with you. This will also drive followers to your sites and will showcase yourself to others as staying on top of the latest information.

  1. LinkedIn: Post it as a status update to let your network know you are attending.
  2. Facebook: “Check-in” on Facebook to the event or venue and make comments about the event to show you are there. 
Share the event page with your network as well.
  3. Twitter: Use hashtags to show you are following or attending the event. Participate in discussions online. 

  4. Does your event or group have a page? If so, follow the meetup page and watch for others that may not be in your circles on other sites. 

  1. Write and Post Articles and Presentations:
    1. Blog: Blogs are personally branded specifically about you and this is where you share your knowledge and opinions. These sites have a great chance in coming up in a Google search if a good use of keywords and tags are used in your writings. 

    2. LinkedIn: Use the upload option to add your powerpoint or PDF presentations or articles to your profile to showcase your knowledge. 
Share the update with your network and/or in a status update.
    3. SlideShare: Post your presentations online, using Share to your social media platforms when you have uploaded a new post.
  2. Volunteer Your Time:

Do you want to be known as an expert in your field? Share your expertise by volunteering with an organization or at an event so you can share your story with others. Volunteering looks great and allows you to share relevant content socially about your expertise with a purpose.

  1. Participate in Online Groups and Organizations:
    1. Post questions and/or answers in LinkedIn Groups: Thousands of groups exist in LinkedIn specific to your industry, location and specialization. Select groups where you can post your views, articles, events, job postings and follow others in the group. Think about creating a group if there is not one out there and promote it to your network. Drive good chatter and showcase your knowledge. 

    2. Facebook: Many groups can be found here as well, but are more generic since Facebook is used more as a personal tool. To see if there are relevant groups for you, do a search with keywords. 

    3. Local organizations: Follow local organizations that are specific to your niche area. Most have a website, email distribution lists, or have a listing on event sites; such as, or 

  2. Get Recommendations on LinkedIn: 

If you don’t already have any recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, get some. They are tremendously valuable. This is part of branding yourself and showcasing ways to market your specific skills. It’s best to request recommendations from people who want or will speak highly about you. Make sure you ask for recommendations personally and not through LinkedIn. Talk to someone about your request and make sure they write what you need to market your brand appropriately. Once you both agree, then send them the LinkedIn recommendation request. 

Social media has helped change the landscape of marketing, socializing and expertise in our 24/7 digital worlds. Incorporating these social media tips into your personal branding will put your knowledge at the fingertips of others. You will soon see the rewards of establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field.




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Expand Socially LLC Helps Local Businesses Embrace Social Media Strategy


COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug. 27, 2012) -  Expand Socially LLC offers Central Ohio business owners a variety of services to assist professionals in building their networks, developing a social media strategy, creating and updating a resume, and increasing sales opportunities. Recent updates to their website include an extensive list of their upcoming training events, details on services provided, and links to resources for Human Resources, Recruitment and Sales professionals.


For business owners just delving into the social media realm, Solomon offers training in LinkedIn and Twitter.  Training sessions include instruction in networking techniques, common social media tools, candidate screening skills, and using networks and referrals to help a business succeed.


Expand Socially helps improve sales by offering lead generation through individual or team-based consulting that helps recruiters expand their search.  Solomon will help develop or add to the social media tools recruiters and sales teams are currently using.  She can also develop a community events calendar to share networking capabilities and help improve cold calls by putting sales teams in touch with the right contacts.


Created in 2011 by Holly Solomon, Founder and CEO, Expand Socially aids local businesses in the development of social media strategies as well as sales/lead generation, recruiter training and event marketing best practices. Solomon, having over 10 years experience in the Information Technology staffing industry, successfully catapulted many local and national consulting firms and organizations to the top of their marketing performance through the institution of her unique social media and recruiting essentials. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University and is a trained Recruiter and Sales Professional. She earned a Business Development Manager role with an IT staffing firm where she received the “Sales Manager of the Year” award from Nationwide Insurance.


For more information contact:

Contact Name: Holly Solomon

Company Name: Expand Socially



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Expand Socially Helps Local Businesses Embrace Social Media Strategy
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Expand Socially announces Social Media Training in Columbus in August and September 2012.
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