Trainings Delivered

Here's a few of our favorite trainings we have created and delivered....

Land Your Next Job Using Social Media

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Why Should You Use LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Overview
  • Following Companies & Saving Jobs
  • Turn Your Application Into an Interview
  • Do Your Research Before an Interview


Social Media for Business Training

  • Marketing Basics
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Listening & Responding
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Content Creation
  • Promotion


LinkedIn Training: Understanding it’s Capabilities to Expand Your Network & Brand

  • What is LinkedIn & Why Should You Use it
  • LinkedIn Overview: Setting up your profile (settings)
  • Adding Connections
  • Join Groups
  • Messaging with tags


Facebook Training: How Can You Use it To Promote Your Business?

  • What is Facebook & Why Should You Use it?
  • Setting up Your Facebook Profile & Settings
  • Facebook Overview: Searches, Groups, Pages, Messaging, Liking
  • Scheduling Your Updates


Twitter 101: Understanding its Capabilities to Expand Your Network & Brand

  • What is Twitter & When Should You Use it?
  • Setting up Your Twitter Profile & Settings
  • Twitter Overview: Following, Hashtags, Mentions,  Direct Messages, Retweeting, Lists, Favorites,
  • Scheduling Your Updates


Social Media Training for Sales or Recruiting: Search Talent & Lead Generation

  • What Platforms Should You Be On?
  • Search the right people to connect with in Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Setting up Saved Searches
  • Sending Messages to Candidates/Prospects
  • Sharing Your Company Open Positions and/or News


Using Social Media During An Emergency

  • Social Media Information
  • Challenges & Examples in Social Media for Businesses
  • Planning/Questions to ask your teams
  • Monitoring
  • Using Social Media to Get Messages Out


Expand Your Business Socially

  • What social media platforms are businesses using today
  • Examples of businesses using Social Media successfully
  • Tips & Tricks for using Social Media

Recent & Upcoming Trainings

Check out our past and upcoming trainings where we get to speak about our favorite topic of Social Media with the community! You can find us all around Columbus and sometimes online sharing with people across the country through webinars! 


Or check out our delivered trainings here.

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